I am a collaborative, sustainability-driven, Integrated Engineer based out of Vancouver, Canada. My specialties are in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering, with additional experience in programming and scripting. I am always interested in innovative engineering projects that suit my expertise.


About Me

As a Certified SolidWorks Professional with 6+ years of experience in mechanical design from projects and work, I have extensive experience with Mechanical Engineering in R&D and production environments.

I have demonstrated teamwork and leadership skills as part of multiple volunteer and professional teams, and I have a proven ability to collaborate with suppliers to support project development and identify solutions to complex problems.

My knowledge of manufacturing processes has been gained through UBC and BCIT courses, professional projects, and hands-on work. This knowledge is supported by my self-taught skills in Python, C, and other programming languages. 

My drive for continuous improvement has led me to work in a diverse set of fields. If my expertise sounds like it could be valuable to your team or project, reach out to me and let’s see what we can accomplish together.


Mechanical Design

With extensive experience in mechanical engineering and CAD in projects ranging from hydraulic brake systems to electronics enclosures, my knowledge base and ability to quickly adapt to projects give me the flexibility that the best Integrated Engineers have.

Programs and Scripts

Most of my programming and scripting experience is with Python for data manipulation and organization, and I also have experience with embedded programming with C, database queries with SQL, and Excel macros with VBA.

simulation and Testing

My mechanical design projects have required FEA studies in SolidWorks Simulation, Fusion 360, and ANSYS Mechanical. The thermal and mechanical simulations I have performed have been supported by hands-on tests and experiments.  

Highlighted Projects

Hydraulic Brakes


Designed, assembled, and commissioned for the UBC Supermileage engineering design team, this system reduced the previous brakes’ friction losses by more than 75% and the total system weight by more than 30%. My new system addressed long-standing reliability and performance issues while unlocking increased energy efficiency.

Accessible Joystick


As part of a design challenge for the 2017 Vancouver Access Makeathon, I designed this ergonomic joystick to help a child with motor control disabilities play his favourite Wii games more easily. Using Fusion 360’s Form and Surface tools, the joystick was designed to have a larger grip surface and movement range than a standard Wii Nunchuk while having pathways and cut-outs for accessible buttons.

CNC Post-Processor


A CNC milling course at UBC required the development of a script or program to convert generic machining files to G-code for a specific 5-axis milling machine. By leveraging my knowledge of Python and researching FANUC-type machine commands and machine kinematics, I developed a Python script that could correctly replicate G-code files for a Makino MAG3EX from source CL files.

Arduino DRO


Using a 32-bit Arduino-like microcontroller and an Arduino display shield, I developed a UI that allowed users of a manual milling machine to view real-time measurement readouts, switch between metric and imperial modes, and “zero” measurements. This interface was written in C as part of my final-year Integrated Engineering project.